Best Friends Weddings

Hey! We are cinematography and photography team from Warsaw. We travel around Poland and Europe telling the stories about love. What’s more important we are people who are crazy in love with their work and life. We love travelling, nature, animals, good food, funk, blues and indie, good films and falling asleep while watching funny films with dogs. We have a beagle called Hanna. She makes us laugh everyday cause of her straightforwardness and sometimes cause of her clumsiness which makes us love her even more. We love spending time with our friends playing board games, watching sitcoms and eating together some junk food.

We have created our BFW team as a marriage and from the very beginning we inspire each other every single day. We are heading towards the same direction telling love stories.

We make films and pictures in Cinematic style which is all about emotions, sincerity and being genuine – it’s all about naturalness. Our works reflect our artistic views and tell stories about things important and eternal, about love which brings together two people, about their emotions and emotions of the people who they share this special day with. Film is audio-visual art, that’s why music is very important in our work – we carefully choose it to match every single film depending on the mood of the wedding already during film editing. Every piece of music is bought with the copyrights and becomes a storytelling tool. That's why you can't hear any well-known song in our films.

We try to make friends with each couple we meet because what we do is not only a way to work, but also an opportunity to meet great people and get to know their story. Each one of You invites us to Your life for a little while. That’s why our company is called - Best Friends Weddings – you will spend your special day with friends in a comfortable and easygoing atmosphere. In this way we leave a little piece of us and our vision in Your story and in return we get the incredible emotional feedback which is extremely important for us!

We love to learn love stories so we can later tell them in our films and our pictures. If you think this is the way you would like your story to be told, share it with us and… Let’s get to know each other and create your story together!